Enterprise Solutions

Seamless integration and competitive advantages through location technology

Our service promise includes support with the seamless integration of our products into your company's IT and the implementation of your specific requirements. With our holistic approach, localion Enterprise Solutions gives you a competitive edge with location technology.

Advantages at a glance

People, technology, consulting, project

We know that projects are made by people. In dialogue with you, we identify and understand your requirements using an agile methodology. We are proficient in a very broad range of location technologies and can utilise them in a targeted manner. Our experts want your project to be successful - and can realise it.

Optimisation using location tech and AI for long-term efficiency

Location tech projects are often optimisation projects with the aim of saving resources. Our core expertise is scheduling and route planning, taking into account numerous constraints. We have mastered the AI technology stack with hybrid solver architecture to solve complex optimisation requirements.

Location Data

The spatial dimension of data requires a particularly high level of expertise and experience with location tech. We master the entire value chain of spatial data, from processing sensor and location data to map production and efficient processing.

Data analytics

We live in a time in which digitalisation is making data-driven business the norm. It's only logical that we provide our customers with customised support, especially in the location tech sector. We love large amounts of data and get the most out of your data. Quality-assured data forms the basis for further meaningful analyses and processes. Now and for planning in the future.


We have been implementing specialised spatial optimisation and planning applications for corporate clients for many years. We can also help you build the right solution for you - with the right cloud, web or mobile technology.

Sustainable cooperation

Our aim is to achieve sustainable cooperation with our customers. What does that mean? We believe that successful collaboration is built for the long term. We have been working with some of our customers for over 20 years. During this time, there have been numerous technological upheavals. We are simply there when it comes to location tech and its integration into corporate IT. We take care of it. We are also happy to take on your special challenge.