Localion Cloud - API Optimisation

Route optimisation that adapts to your business

With our flexible optimisation and predictive traffic data, you perfect your route planning and seamlessly adapt it to your specific requirements.


Functions at a glance

Tour optimisation

Thanks to a wide range of customisation options, our solution integrates seamlessly into your specific processes. Even special requirements such as the consideration of the approach direction or drive-by-avoidance are configurable.
The dynamic tour adjustment enables the optimal placement of additional tour stops in an already optimised tour.
We fuse historical and current traffic information to forecast time-of-day traffic volumes for your planning horizon. As a result, we provide reliable journey times for your planning processes.
Our Enterprise Solutions team customises Localion Cloud optimisation specifically to your business processes. Customised enhancements guarantee seamless integration into your existing processes.

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Localion Cloud Products

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Cloud APIs


Use precise geocoding, supported by the highest data security standards and hosting by German cloud providers.


Use customisable visualisations, identify paths beyond public networks, display orders and resources and integrate everything seamlessly into your systems.


With our customisable optimisation and predictive traffic data, you perfect your route planning and adapt it seamlessly to your specific requirements.


Our powerful matrix calculation supports over 1 million cells, provides predictive traffic data for accurate journey times and ensures predictable costs with a flat rate model.



Precise routing even off public roads, supported by predictive traffic information and customisable routing profiles for individual requirements.