Localion Navigator - Delivery

Navigation optimisation for the modern delivery service

Optimise your delivery process with a customised navigation solution that integrates seamlessly into your IT. The Localion Navigator guides your drivers reliably and cost-effectively to every stop.


We navigate every
Optimal to the goal


Logistics service provider

  • Cost optimisation thanks to precise routes
  • Live traffic information
  • Offline use possible

eCommerce company

  • Premium Live Traffic Information
  • Adaptable to individual business processes
  • Cost reduction thanks to the most efficient routes

Direct sales company

  • Facilitated delivery order management & execution
  • Zero-click rollout facilitates deployment for drivers
  • Consideration of truck restrictions and vehicle types

Functions at a glance

Simple integration

Versatile interfaces allow the Localion Navigator to be seamlessly integrated into your Android or iOS system environment. For example, destinations can be transferred from third-party apps and arrival times can be queried from these. The Localion Navigator interfaces can be expanded to fulfil your specific needs flexibly and efficiently.

Can be used offline

The application works completely offline, ensuring reliable navigation even with a weak mobile phone connection. This also helps to reduce ongoing mobile phone costs.

Zero-Click Rollout

Configurations can be made centrally via your MDM. Initial configuration, including downloading navigation maps, can be carried out without user interaction.

Premium Live Traffic Information

Thanks to premium live traffic information from TomTom, the navigation system reacts immediately to current traffic situations, calculates alternative routes and offers realistic arrival time forecasts.

Vehicle profiles

In addition to the preset car and lorry profiles, you can create your own profiles that take into account the special features of your vehicle fleet.

Location tech made in Germany

Our navigation technology is developed by a German-speaking development team in Germany. This enables us to take up your requirements directly without any language barrier and implement them in the best possible way based on our experience with local conditions. In addition, our German-speaking support team is always at your disposal.

Ready for smart navigation?
We navigate you into the future.

The right navigation solution in every case

Up-to-date traffic data for optimised routes and more satisfied customers

Reduce costs, improve service and increase the efficiency of the entire delivery process with Localion Navigator. Unlike traditional navigation apps, Localion Navigator offers multiple customisation options, can be used offline and provides premium live traffic information - for the satisfaction of your customers and the success of your business.

What makes navigation with Localion unique?

  • Easy integration into the IT infrastructure.
  • High-precision routing for cost savings and better service.
  • Wide range of customisation options for individual business processes.
  • Zero-Click Rollout: Uncomplicated deployment for drivers.

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