We provide customised solutions for utilities to maximise their efficiency in deployment planning, navigation and location tracking. Our tools help to make the best use of resources, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction. With Localion, utilities are well equipped to optimise their service.


Current challenges of the industry

The increasing demand for clean energy from renewable sources

leads to a transition from centralised to decentralised energy generation and a rapidly increasing number of infrastructures with corresponding challenges in field service.


Digitalisation and rapid technological change

are forcing utilities to rethink the way they operate, the services they provide and their current business models, especially in distribution.


Considerable burden for energy suppliers due to severe weather events

require ensuring that long-distance pipelines and distribution networks function properly in order to remedy faults in the electricity, gas and water supply network on site as quickly as possible.

We create answers

Our navigation solutions for utilities

Maximise the efficiency of your field service with precision and ease

The Localion Cloud offers comprehensive geo-data processing and routing optimisation for field service companies. With precise travel time calculations, route optimisation and time-of-day dependent travel time forecasts, it enables efficient deployment planning. Simple integration and user-friendly APIs facilitate implementation in existing systems. The Localion Cloud increases efficiency, saves time and costs, and improves customer satisfaction.

What makes route planning with Localion unique?

  • Time of day dependent travel time forecasts and Live traffic information - for precise planning.
  • Seamless integration into existing systems and applications possible.
  • Geocoding functionwhich enables precise assignments of addresses to coordinates.
  • To specific requirements adaptable - be it in terms of data protection, data security or special infrastructures.
  • For a wide range of industries and for different fields of application in the field service.

Specialised navigation for incident management & data protection - made in Germany

Gas distribution network operators, municipal utilities and supply companies have to manage complex tasks - the Localion Navigator supports them in making their work more efficient and optimising incident management in accordance with GW1200 guidelines. In addition, it facilitates the deployment of non-local or external personnel.

What makes navigation with Localion unique?

  • Highly specialised navigation solution
  • Unique Germany Plus map enables uninterrupted guidance to the point of use, even in remote areas
  • Enables seamless integration of operating equipment
  • Facilitates communication & coordination between the teams on site and the head office
  • Complete offline use of the map
Case Stories

Localion in action