Trade and delivery services

Customers expect first-class service and flexibility in delivery times without higher costs. IT systems must minimise disruptions and optimise processes to ensure fast and reliable deliveries.


Current challenges of the industry

Customer expectation of first-class service & high flexibility

in terms of delivery times and deadlines without the customer wanting to pay a higher price for it. The IT systems must balance these requirements. Disruptions in the process, of which there are many, must have little impact on service quality and costs.


Continuous optimisation of the process

For ensuring fast and reliable deliveries. The Data Driven Business is a mandatory task - every single process must be analysed and optimised in terms of time resource consumption. Precise planning is required to accurately predict travel time depending on time of day, weather conditions and traffic situation.


Seasonal fluctuations & special events

Can strongly influence the order volume. IT systems must be flexible enough to handle peak and off-peak times easily and adapt quickly to changing requirements.

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