Navigating the Future with Digital Precision

We are driven by our belief in a sustainable future of mobility. We are convinced that mobility of people and goods will be fully automated in the future.

Our drive is fuelled by data streams and IT systems that provide the right position, the best path and the least risk to people and the environment. Information quality plays a crucial role for us.


Who we are

Founded more than 20 years ago as a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute, we are passionate about optimising processes with a spatial reference in the areas of logistics and mobility.

Since then, we have accompanied all the innovation pushes, from the first navigation systems to the age of autonomous driving and robotics.

Our innovative spirit drives us to design groundbreaking solutions and accompany our customers on their route to success.

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We combine technology, data and spatial intelligence to optimise business processes and write success stories. Our expertise in location tech and digital maps enables us to develop solutions to successfully face the challenges of digital transformation. We therefore already want to create a new digital world that can be mapped in real time in the cloud, the Digital Core.

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