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Whether you are managing a large fleet or developing customised total solutions, Localion Navigator in Enterprise offers you extensive customisation options and the support of our experienced Enterprise Solutions team. Whatever the ideal path looks like for you: We support you in achieving your business goals - with customised solutions for individual concerns.


We navigate every
Optimal to the goal


Software provider

  • Easy integration and white label option
  • Extensive customisation options
  • Professional assistance from support team

Large companies




  • Easy integration & customisation
  • Professional navigation functions
  • Implementation, customisation & integration support

Functions at a glance

We enable smooth integration of navigation functions into your existing corporate applications and systems.
Benefit from the enormous customisability so that you can design the navigation elements and functions exactly according to customer needs.
As a software provider, you can use the Localion Navigator as a white label product and seamlessly integrate the navigation into your own products. Launch a personalised navigation solution under your own brand.
Localion provides a dedicated Enterprise Solutions Team to professionally support companies and software providers in the implementation, customisation and integration of Navigator. Together we develop customised solutions for your success.
Localion Navigator offers companies, especially large corporations with extensive fleets, precise navigation functions that help optimise vehicle routes, reduce costs and increase efficiency in fleet management.

Ready for smart navigation?
We navigate you into the future.

Our customised navigation solutions for businesses

Customised navigation solutions for individual requirements

With Localion Navigator, you can not only navigate, but make navigation an integral part of your business solutions and provide your customers with an unparalleled navigation experience.

What makes navigation with Localion unique?

  • Seamless integration and white label option
  • Unparalleled adaptability
  • Support from Enterprise Team
  • Efficient provision of navigation functions
  • Customised navigation solutions

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Case Studies

Localion Navigator in use