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Navigation solution for individual company requirements

Whether you manage a large fleet of vehicles or develop individual complete solutions - Localion offers you extensive customisation options in the enterprise segment and the support of our experienced Enterprise Solutions Team for corporate solutions with the Localion Navigator.

We navigate every
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Software provider

  • Easy integration and white label option
  • Extensive customisation options
  • Professional assistance from support team

Large companies




  • Easy integration & customisation
  • Professional navigation functions
  • Implementation, customisation & integration support

Functions at a glance

Zero-Click Rollout

Configurations can be made centrally via your MDM. Initial configuration, including downloading navigation maps, can be carried out without user interaction.

White label option for software providers

As a software provider, you can use the Localion Navigator as a white label product and seamlessly integrate the navigation into your own products. Launch a personalised navigation solution under your own brand.


Versatile interfaces allow the Localion Navigator to be seamlessly integrated into your Android or iOS system environment. For example, destinations can be transferred from third-party apps and arrival times can be queried from these. The Localion Navigator interfaces can be expanded to fulfil your specific needs flexibly and efficiently.


Different application scenarios require configurable route sequences, special map views or the display of mission-relevant data. As we control and develop the entire technology stack ourselves, we can adapt it flexibly to any requirements and thus offer customised solutions.

Location tech made in Germany

Our navigation technology is developed by a German-speaking development team in Germany. This enables us to take up your requirements directly without any language barrier and implement them in the best possible way based on our experience with local conditions. In addition, our German-speaking support team is always at your disposal.

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Professional, customisable navigation solution for enterprise customers

Customised navigation solutions for your individual requirements

The Localion Navigator offers seamless integration of navigation functions into existing company systems with a high degree of customisability for customer-specific requirements. A specialised Enterprise Solutions Team supports companies and software providers with implementation and customisation. Together we develop customised, success-oriented solutions.

What makes navigation with Localion unique?

  • Seamless integration and white label option
  • Unparalleled adaptability
  • Support from Enterprise Team
  • Efficient provision of navigation functions
  • Special maps

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Case Studies

Localion Navigator in use