Professional navigation for the forestry sector

Optimise your timber transport and forestry operations with a specialised navigation solution that covers both the public and qualified non-public road network. Increase productivity, simplify route planning and improve collaboration in the timber transport chain.


We navigate every
Optimal to the goal


Timber hauliers

  • More efficient journey time management
  • Facilitation of route planning
  • Risk minimisation

State Forests

  • Support for nationally active employees
  • Efficient work organisation
  • also use forest roads accessible by car

Timber buyer

  • Maximised staff productivity
  • Efficient work organisation
  • Improved cooperation

Functions at a glance

Forest map

With our forest map, we enable seamless navigation from the public road network to the depths of the forest. Thanks to the Navlog classification of forest roads, even unfamiliar forest areas can be navigated safely and independently.

Can be used offline

The application works completely offline, ensuring navigation even when mobile connectivity is limited.

Vehicle profiles

Regardless of whether you are travelling to forest destinations by car or truck, we enable you to create different vehicle profiles. This allows you to map various loading conditions, for example.

Tour planning

You can easily import order data into the app, organise it there and use it for effective daily route planning. For more demanding planning situations, we offer you a suitable solution with the Localion Cloud.

Your data on the card

Forestry departments, individual point information (POIs) or other areas, lines and point data can be displayed on the map for better orientation and selected as navigation destinations.

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Our navigation solutions in the forestry & wood sector

Timber hauliers

Agile transport solutions - navigation even off the public roads

Forestry offers a comprehensive solution for companies in the timber and forestry industry by combining classic truck road navigation with forest road information classified according to navigability to create a navigation map. By entering coordinates or importing order files, safe and efficient route guidance deep into the forest is made possible.

What makes navigation with Localion unique?

  • Use of own and special forest navigation map
  • Coverage of the (Navlog) qualified non-public road network
  • Easy import of the tour data
  • Complete offline use of the navigator
State Forests
Timber buyer

Optimised route planning increases efficiency

Safe and efficient route guidance in the forest is indispensable, especially for new employees or employees with a supra-regional area of operation, e.g. also in state forestry. A lack of local knowledge is compensated for by the classified forest route navigation.

For timber purchasers and forestry experts, too, planning tours with the forestry navigation map and finding your way around unfamiliar forest areas ensures real optimisation of work organisation.

What makes navigation with Localion unique?

  • Use of a special forestry navigation map with Navlog data, always up to date
  • Coverage of the non-public road network
  • Adapted to the individual requirements of the industry, such as forest tracks, forest roads and other road types relevant to the industry
  • Consideration of potential danger spots

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