From data protection requirements to efficient use of resources and logistical challenges - we support every challenge. Localion guarantees secure data processing, maximises efficiency in the use of staff as well as vehicles and supports logistical supply - from pharmacy deliveries to medical technology.


Current challenges of the industry

Processing of personal data & legal consequences of non-compliance 

require a highly functional IT structure.


Ageing society

The rapidly growing number of people in need of outpatient care places high demands on efficiency in the use of all resources, especially staff and vehicles, in view of the lack of care personnel.


Logistical challenges

From regional pharmacy delivery services and the nationwide supply of vaccines to the maintenance and delivery of increasingly complex medical technology, new IT systems are required on the mobile and cloud side. The goal is maximum efficiency in all processes.

We create answers

Professional solutions for the healthcare sector

The key to precise navigation & data protection in the healthcare sector

The healthcare industry places high demands on cloud providers, especially in the area of data protection and compliance. Localion Cloud provides the solution. Our platform enables precise navigation and deployment planning while meeting the highest data protection and compliance standards. With the secure Open Telekom Cloud and transparent cost controls, Localion Cloud offers the ideal solution to provide efficient services - without compromising on data protection.

What makes route planning with Localion unique?

  • Provides Highest data protection and compliance standards according to DSGVO & enables audit-proof audits.
  • Enables Precise location tracking & deployment planningto improve the quality of patient care.
  • Real-time optimisation of nursing assignments and deliveries in the health sector.
  • The secure German cloud provider ensures the protection of sensitive patient data.
  • Flat rate pricing models enable clear cost structure
Case Stories

Localion in action