Localion Navigator - Field Service

Reliable navigation for supply infrastructures

Optimise your infrastructure management and incident response with a specialised navigation solution that goes beyond the public road network. Support specialised workflows, improve incident management and facilitate the deployment of remote or external personnel with integrated resources and networks.

We navigate every
Optimal to the goal

Supply service provider

  • Uninterrupted destination guidance
  • Data protection compliant handling of customer data
  • Facilitates the deployment of non-local staff

Network construction

  • Real-time traffic information
  • Transport route optimisation
  • Efficient route planning

Water supply

  • Resource and pipeline network integration
  • German speaking customer support
  • Facilitates navigation of hard-to-reach locations

Public utilities

  • Precise guidance - off the road
  • Germany+ Map
  • Resource and pipeline network integration

Gas distribution network operator

  • Incident Management Support (GW1200)
  • Special navigation maps
  • Fast target selection thanks to resource integration

Functions at a glance

Specialised navigation map

With our Germany+ navigation map, we offer seamless navigation from the public road network to your operating facilities, even if they are remote.

Operating equipment and cable networks

Operating resources, power networks or other areas, lines and point data can be displayed on the map for better orientation and selected as navigation destinations.

Can be used offline

The application works completely offline, ensuring navigation even when mobile connectivity is limited.

Incident management according to GW1200

Our specialised navigation map helps you to adhere to the specified response times in incident management and facilitates the deployment of remote or external personnel.

Privacy policy

Data on operating equipment and line networks is highly sensitive information about critical infrastructures. We always treat the data entrusted to us with the utmost care.


Versatile interfaces allow the Localion Navigator to be seamlessly integrated into your Android or iOS system environment. For example, destinations can be transferred from third-party apps and arrival times can be queried from these. The Localion Navigator interfaces can be expanded to fulfil your specific needs flexibly and efficiently.

Ready for smart navigation?
We navigate you into the future.

The right navigation solution in every case

Specialised navigation for incident management & data protection - made in Germany

Gas distribution network operators, municipal utilities and supply companies have to manage complex tasks - the Localion Navigator supports them in making their work more efficient and optimising incident management in accordance with GW1200 guidelines. In addition, it facilitates the deployment of non-local or external personnel.

What makes navigation with Localion unique?

  • Highly specialised navigation solution
  • Unique Germany Plus map enables uninterrupted guidance to the point of use, even in remote areas
  • Enables seamless integration of operating equipment
  • Facilitates communication & coordination between the teams on site and the head office
  • Complete offline use of the map

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