Case Story - Localion Cloud

Optimisation of the timber logistics chain



Car and truck navigation in the forest specially adapted to NLF requirements

Quality-assured special navigation map NLF with all drivable forest roads, forestry departments, forestry-specific POIs, rescue points

Regular integration of change information from the forestry administration

Long-term support, service and maintenance model

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Initial situation

The NLF wants to optimise the costs of timber provision and the entire timber logistics in cooperation with contracted partners. The Business Navigator Forestry, together with the quality-assured navigation map, is an important key. Polters are only made available along classified routes that have been approved for timber removal. In order to improve the provision of timber and ultimately the targeted efficient removal of the timber pallets, the Business Navigator is also used by the timber haulage companies.


The starting points are the forest trail data from the NLF's internal databases. The source data is provided with the attributes required for navigation and quality-assured in iterative processes. For this purpose, Localion Q provides analysis layers for easy processing by NLF staff. In the Localion Mapfusion process, a navigation map NLF fused from both data sets is then created from the forest road data of the NLF and from the current HERE road data. This navigation map is made available for use in Localion Business Navigator and is updated regularly.

Service package

The customer received a complete package consisting of navigation software for Windows as well as for Android and the special NLF navigation map. In the case of the Windows version, pre-installed hardware was also supplied. In addition, regular updates are provided and the customer has access to Localion's widely praised support.