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Customised special solutions for your industry or product

For companies that want to improve their logistics processes, reduce costs and increase efficiency while ensuring data protection and security: With Localion Cloud, companies get a powerful partner for geocoding, route optimisation and customisation of their logistics solutions.


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IT managers in the company

  • High degree of customisation for specific requirements
  • Strong security measures & privacy policies.
  • Possibility of full implementation in private cloud

Large fleets

- More efficient journey time management
- Facilitation of route planning
- Risk minimisation

Functions at a glance


The Localion Cloud enables precise geocoding of locations and addresses, which is essential for efficient route planning and location tracking.
We offer advanced routing and optimisation features to increase the efficiency of your fleet and save time and resources.
The Localion Cloud integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, simplifying implementation and increasing customisability.
The Localion Cloud allows a high degree of customisation to meet the specific requirements of your business.
The Localion Cloud places great emphasis on protecting your data and offers security measures to safeguard sensitive company information.
Unlike "one solution serves all" approaches, the Localion Cloud can be operated entirely in a private cloud. This provides more control over your data and enables competitive advantages through an attractive pricing model.
The Localion Cloud can provide customised special solutions to meet the unique needs of your business.

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Tailor-made fleet management with maximum adaptability & data protection

Tailor-made fleet management with maximum adaptability & data protection

Our platform offers the perfect balance between performance, adaptability and security. With our solution, you can optimise your routes, ensure more timely deliveries and reduce your operational costs. We understand that every business has unique requirements, so we offer a customised solution that integrates seamlessly with your systems. With our robust data protection measures and the option to use a private cloud, you have full control over your data. Localion Cloud - your key to greater efficiency and competitive advantage in fleet management.

What makes route planning with Localion unique?

  • Tailor-made adaptability to specific requirements.
  • Data protection and security standardswhich are industry-leading.
  • The possibility of using the platform in a private cloud to operate.
  • Individual special solutions for unique requirements.
  • Integration into existing corporate systems for smooth implementation.

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