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Digital maps, content
and live services

Location tech does not work without location data. This data must fit your use case exactly. We know which digital navigation maps, which content and which live services you need for the "wow" in your project. Talk to us, we will be happy to advise you.

Digital maps

As a long-standing distribution partner of the two world market leaders for digital navigation maps HERE and TomTom, we provide the corresponding basic products for licence use: from digital maps with update rates between two weeks and one year.

In professional applications, it is important to know all the routes to your destination, even off public roads. We continuously produce navigation maps with an extended network of routes and additional information on navigability. These navigation maps make it possible to find the best route to power line and pipeline infrastructures, wind turbines, timber poles or rescue points.

We integrate location content and geo-data from companies into our Localion products. For example, we take over operating resources, access routes and network infrastructures. In addition, if necessary, we procure the required content extensions for your solution on the market, such as postal address data, socio-demographic data and special POIs such as rescue points.

With our Localion Map technology platform, almost any content source can be efficiently merged into homogeneous and routable new data bases and kept up-to-date.

Live services and, in particular, forecast data are necessary for many applications in the location tech sector. Be it journey times to the destination, now or the planned deployment of a service technician in three days at 17:00. This also includes search times for car parks, construction sites, occupancy data for charging points and car parks, as well as weather information and many others. Together with our partners, we provide these services for your application via our Localion Cloud infrastructure.

Strong partners

For many years, we have been working with a wide range of partners worldwide to provide maps and content. This is not only about the basic map material, but also about more and more live services. We have a particularly close cooperation with some partners because of their high-quality map material and services.

Cloud expertise

In today's digital landscape, cloud expertise is critical to the efficient and secure management of business processes. We are distinguished by our deep expertise in providing flexible cloud solutions for location tech based application.

We are experts when it comes to topics such as sustainable infrastructures, data protection and security as well as the implementation of special requirements.

Cloud provider independence

Our expertise allows us to operate independently of the cloud platform. With experience in AWS, Azure and Open Telekom Cloud, we can identify and implement the optimal cloud environment for the specific requirements of each project.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

By applying the Infrastructure as Code paradigm, we are able to provision and manage infrastructure efficiently, consistently and repeatably. This promotes automation, reduces susceptibility to errors and enables rapid adaptation to new requirements, which ultimately leads to accelerated project realisation.

Privacy policy

Data protection is a major concern for us. Our solutions are designed to protect both business-critical and personal data to meet the strictest data protection standards.


We understand the importance of scalability and have the ability to provide solutions that can grow with the needs of your business to ensure continuous performance.

Cost efficiency

Our expertise in cloud optimisation enables us to manage resources efficiently to provide cost-effective solutions that minimise operational costs.

Enterprise Solutions

Our service promise includes support for the seamless integration of our products into your company's IT. But we go even further. We know that Location Tech always delivers the best results when your requirements are fully realised. Our experts from the Enterprise Solutions team look forward to challenges outside the mainstream in order to increase your competitive advantage.

People, technology, consulting, project

We know that projects are made by people. We master location technologies across a very broad spectrum. Our experts want your project to be a success. Let's get to know each other, person to person, and let's talk about your project.

Location tech projects are often optimisation projects where the aim is to save resources. The scheduling of resources and route planning, taking into account numerous constraints, is one of our core competences. We rely on a technology stack with hybrid solver architecture for complex requirements. This makes it possible, for example, to plan 50 million orders p.a. with high performance.

We live in a time in which digitalisation is making data-driven business the standard. It is logical that we provide our customers with customised support, especially in the area of location tech. The spatial dimension of data in particular requires a high level of expertise in order to make the right decisions. Now and for planning in the future. We can help you with this.

Our aim is to achieve sustainable cooperation with our customers. What does that mean? We believe that successful collaboration is always a long-term endeavour. We have been supporting some of our customers for over 20 years. We have been involved in numerous technological upheavals and are simply there when it comes to location tech and its integration into corporate IT. We take care of things. We are also happy to take on your special challenge.