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Realistic travel time forecasts - the prerequisite for optimal scheduling

The Localion Cloud in Field Service Management offers precise geo-data processing and routing optimisation. It enables the calculation of realistic journey times, taking into account historical traffic data and live traffic information. These powerful functions can be easily integrated into existing applications via user-friendly APIs and offer time-of-day-dependent journey time forecasts for reliable deployment planning.


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IT managers in the company

  • Highest data protection standards
  • Adaptable infrastructure
  • Compliance
  • Scalability
  • Security management

Software Provider Field Service and Route Planning

  • Precise planning
  • Real-time updates
  • Geocoding

Functions at a glance

The Localion Cloud enables the accurate calculation of journey times, taking into account historical traffic data and live traffic information. This enables precise planning for field service companies.

Route optimisation

The Localion Cloud provides the ability to optimise routing to create efficient and time-saving routes for service teams.
The geocoding function allows addresses to be accurately assigned to geographical coordinates, which improves the precision of planning and route optimisation.
The Localion Cloud provides user-friendly APIs that can be seamlessly integrated into existing field service management solutions. This allows companies to easily integrate these functions into their own products.
Unlike many public services or self-implemented solutions, the Localion Cloud takes into account time-of-day travel times. This means that it takes into account the impact of traffic variations throughout the day and live traffic information such as closures and road works to provide reliable forecasts.

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Our cloud and navigation solutions in the field service area

Maximise the efficiency of your field service with precision and ease

The Localion Cloud offers comprehensive geo-data processing and routing optimisation for field service companies. With precise travel time calculations, route optimisation and time-of-day dependent travel time forecasts, it enables efficient deployment planning. Simple integration and user-friendly APIs facilitate implementation in existing systems. The Localion Cloud increases efficiency, saves time and costs, and improves customer satisfaction.

What makes route planning with Localion unique?

  • Time of day dependent travel time forecasts and Live traffic information - for precise planning.
  • Seamless integration into existing systems and applications possible.
  • Geocoding functionwhich enables precise assignments of addresses to coordinates.
  • To specific requirements adaptable - be it in terms of data protection, data security or special infrastructures.
  • For a wide range of industries and for different fields of application in the field service.

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