Localion Cloud - Delivery

Last mile optimisation in perfection

The world of deliveries is complex, especially when it comes to getting products to private and commercial recipients. Whether you operate your own fleet or have a customised business model, we offer a solution tailored to your specific needs. Prepare to make deliveries on time and more cost-efficiently than ever before - the Localion Cloud makes it possible.


We navigate every
Optimal to the goal


Freight forwarding company

  • Optimised truck navigation
  • Zero-Click Rollout
  • Premium live traffic information

Trading company

  • Precise geocoding
  • Offline use
  • Individual integration

Logistics company

  • Efficient route optimisation
  • Real-time live traffic updates
  • Flexible adjustment

Functions at a glance

The Localion Cloud offers effortless integration into your existing delivery infrastructure. With numerous configuration options and interfaces, our solution adapts flexibly to your specific requirements.

Offline usable

Our offline function allows you to reduce your dependence on mobile phone data. This saves you costs and allows you to use the Localion Cloud anytime, anywhere, even in areas with poor network coverage.
With our Zero-Click Rollout, we facilitate the implementation and introduction of the Localion Cloud in your company. This means less effort for you and faster use of our solution.
We provide high-quality live traffic data so you can optimise your routes in real time. This helps you avoid congestion and delivery delays, resulting in more efficient delivery.
The Localion Cloud offers navigation for both cars and trucks. This means that you get the right route for every type of delivery and consideration of truck-specific restrictions.
We are proud that our solution was developed in Germany. Our German-speaking support and development team is on hand to ensure that your requirements are met and that you receive assistance at all times.

Ready for smart navigation?
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Our solutions in the area of delivery

On-time & efficient delivery to private & commercial recipients

The Localion Cloud is highly adaptable and can flexibly adapt to the diverse requirements of delivery processes. It offers customised integration that allows companies to seamlessly integrate their specific business processes. Thanks to high-quality live traffic data, Localion Cloud provides real-time tracking and updates for deliveries - track the status of their shipments in real time. Optimised routing takes truck restrictions into account and minimises delays.

What makes route planning with Localion unique?

  • Compared to the competition, the Localion Cloud enables a Seamless individual integration into existing business processes of the customers.
  • The Localion Cloud can be used offline, which reduces dependence on mobile phone data and ensures constant usability.
  • Special truck navigation takes into account truck restrictions - for safe and efficient route planning.
  • High-quality live traffic data, to avoid traffic jams and keep deliveries on time.

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