Case Story - Localion Cloud

Route planning with ad-hoc map editing

Web app allows easy editing of the map for route calculation


Planning is based on the real world and is therefore truly cost-optimised


Route planning can react ad-hoc to changes in reality


Easy to understand and self-explanatory map editing


High acceptance of the planning system

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Initial situation

Good planning of optimal routes in distribution transport to private customers is imperative due to the cost situation. As always, the decisive factor is how well the data basis, in this case the road map, corresponds to reality. Every day there are changes in the road network, be it due to road works, closures, changes in driving direction and the like. Company-specific features can also influence the selected route, for example because roads should not be used due to risk aspects. It is crucial to make these changes available to the planning systems as quickly as possible.


Via a web application, a wide variety of changes can be made to the Europe-wide road network for around 200 employees. After these changes have been checked in and verified, they are taken into account in the Localion Cloud for all future requests via the service API. If there is an update of the base map, in this case TomTom, these changes are automatically synchronised and taken into account again.

Service package

The solution was developed, installed, tested and deployed by LOGIBALL. Access is via a web application that is characterised by its user-friendliness. LOGIBALL also takes over the monitoring of the system operation.