Localion optimises your fleet management - we explain how

In today's fast-paced business world, companies are facing new challenges in fleet management. High operating costs, inefficient route planning and a lack of transparency are impacting the profitability and efficiency of the sector. Localion offers innovative location tech solutions to overcome precisely these challenges and thus optimise your fleet management, especially for last-mile logistics.

Customised solutions for individual requirements

Rising fuel prices, maintenance expenses or insurance costs - high operating costs are an omnipresent problem in the industry. Localion offers customised solutions and our flexible pricing models adapt to the individual requirements of your company.

Effective route planning with Localion

Inefficient route planning & vehicle utilisation lead to longer delivery times and increased costs. With our mobile navigation solution, the Localion Navigator, effective route planning can be ensured - even off public roads. Precise route guidance not only reduces operating costs, but also increases the efficiency of your fleet management.

Fleet management - efficient, safe, better

Poor driving performance due to inattentive behaviour, excessive speeds or inefficient driving not only jeopardises safety, but can also increase operating costs. The Localion Navigator not only offers precise route planning, but also promotes safer and more efficient driving behaviour.

Data protection-compliant and industry-specific planning

A lack of transparency about the location and condition of vehicles can lead to under-security and ineffective fleet management. The Localion Cloud offers web services that prevent precisely this problem. Through proactive planning, even during traffic chaos, it enables the data protection-compliant and industry-specific planning of appointments and schedules.

Private cloud? No problem

Compliance with GDPR guidelines and ensuring privacy pose enormous challenges for companies in our digital and data-based age. Localion guarantees the highest security standards and data protection compliance by using German cloud providers and optional private clouds.

Sustainable action with Localion

Localion is also responding to the growing importance of environmental regulations. Compliance with these regulations and the reduction of CO2 emissions are key aspects that are taken into account when developing our solutions.

We optimise your fleet management with innovative location tech solutions. Our goal is to solve your individual challenges. We guarantee more efficient, safer and simply better fleet management - for your company's success.