Case Story - Localion Cloud

Optimisation of the on-call service for gas suppliers



Safeguarding the initial response requirements e.g. from DVGW Circular G05/01

Optimisation of the stand-by circuits to improve accessibility in the event of an incident

Increase in team sizes for more flexible shift planning and reduction of shift rotations

Identify deficits regarding availability in the current on-call service

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Initial situation

The on-call service of a gas supplier is usually mapped via the permanently employed fitters and foremen and is usually still based on historically grown structures such as former foremen's areas. Specialised planning tools for on-call duty are usually not available. In many cases, a reconsideration is necessary due to various structural changes in recent years (e.g. quality improvements in the network, more efficient maintenance, network changes, staff reductions) in order to be able to ensure the initial response times specified in the technical regulations in the event of an incident or to increase flexibility within the teams.


Localion offers on-call service optimisation for gas utilities.

In the first step, the actual situation is calculated. For this purpose, the travel times from the fitters' homes to all relevant network sections are calculated and graphically visualised. Under certain circumstances, it becomes clear as a result that not all network points can be reached by all colleagues of an on-call circle within the required 30 minutes.

In the next steps, scenarios are calculated in consultation with the client - depending on the desired objective (e.g. increasing the team strength) - which improve the actual situation.

Service package

  • Calculation of the relevant network sections (= pipeline sections that lie within a specified distance from residential buildings)
  • Calculation of travel times from each on-call staff member to each network section as a basis for all subsequent steps. For this, Localion uses its routing tools and special route network data, which also includes non-public routes, and can map different vehicle types or e.g. blue light scenarios (special traffic rules for emergency vehicles) if desired.
  • Graphical and tabular representation of journey time requirements (e.g. 30min journey time to each network section) in the actual state of readiness
  • Calculation of scenarios (scope and objectives in consultation with the client)
  • Recalculation / optimisation of the teams and on-call circles taking into account the customer-specific specifications