The entire Localion infrastructure is also optionally available in a private cloud

For many companies, the use of location-based data and services is often associated with certain challenges. In particular, the use and storage of personal data used for routing, tracking and navigation purposes must comply with legal requirements.

Because data protection plays an important role for many sectors

Whether in the healthcare sector, public authorities and organisations with security tasks or insurance companies - strict legal requirements must be adhered to. In addition, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) establishes uniform data protection standards in the European Union in order to strengthen the protection of personal data and fulfil individual rights with regard to data protection. Sometimes church data protection (also known as KDG and DSG-EKD) also plays a role in specific data protection regulations that apply to the Catholic and Protestant churches in Germany. Compared to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the KDG and DSG-EKD contain additional provisions and specific requirements for the church context.

Location data can therefore pose a security risk as it says a lot about a person: How they move and at what time they are in a certain place. Movement patterns and different types of movement can be determined with this data. However, with the advancing digitalisation and autonomy of the world, it is precisely this sensitive data that makes it possible to solve specific business problems.

How do we ensure that this valuable data can be used without breaching data protection?

Localion solutions offer you the opportunity to use location data without security risks.

Customised solutions for individual challenges

Our many years of expertise in location tech and digital maps enable us to develop solutions to successfully avert the challenges of the digital transformation - in accordance with current data protection standards.

Our platform is specifically designed to meet unique requirements with accurate and privacy-compliant geographic services. With our geocoding, routing and optimisation service, you can easily plan your services more efficiently. We guarantee regulatory compliance and ensure that sensitive data is protected.

Play it safe with Localion when it comes to data protection

We can also optionally operate the entire Localion infrastructure in a private cloud. Our DevOps team supports you in setting up and maintaining the Localion Cloud in your environment. We develop according to the infrastructure-as-code paradigm. This allows us to deploy the Localion Cloud in different environments - without a great deal of manual effort. It also allows us to offer cost-effective maintenance and servicing.

Successful project with Localion Services

Euregon AG has been a successful maintenance software specialist for over 20 years and has been a LOGIBALL partner since 2021.

Mr Hauser, Managing Director of Euregon AG, knows how important data protection is in the healthcare sector and especially in mobile care.

Questions for Euregon:

In what context is location data used in your solutions?

Location data is used in .snap to support and optimise logistics for route planning in outpatient care services.

One of the tasks of the care service manager is to organise home visits to clients on a rota basis. Many professional, geographical and personal aspects have to be taken into account.


The .snap software uses the location data to display locations (clients' homes, employees' homes, social centre, other locations) on a map in order to obtain geographical information or to visualise a compiled route.


The location data is also used for automatic route optimisation. This can be done purely geographically (journey time, distance) or taking into account many technical criteria using the .snap Assist tool.

How important is data protection in the implementation of your customer requirements and how often are you confronted with this issue?

Data protection is a very high priority. As our customers process patient data, which also belongs to the special categories in accordance with Art. 9 GDPR, data protection must be taken into account and guaranteed to a particularly high degree. When processing data with contract processors for location or route optimisation, we take strict care not to mix location data with other data or to pass on irrelevant data.

However, location data is of course personal data that is protected by the GDPR. For this reason, there is also a corresponding data processing agreement with the processor, and the processors are named in the data processing agreement with our customers together with the purpose of processing.


Our customers are also highly sensitised to data protection. We are regularly confronted with this topic and experience that our customers also take the issue seriously and pay attention to data protection-compliant data processing.

How was LOGIBALL able to support you in realising your customer requirements and how do you experience the cooperation?

In LOGIBALL, we have found a partner that enables us to process the location data in compliance with data protection regulations. The processing options were discussed in joint meetings. Hosting in the Open Telekom Cloud was a slightly more expensive, but better and more secure data processing option in terms of data protection. LOGIBALL made it possible to implement our services in a way that can be described as data protection-compliant with a very clear conscience.


Whether you have questions, would like personal advice or would simply like to find out more about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.